Photo of The Mystery of Skeleton Island
Photo of The Mystery of the Flaming Footprints

Jupiter Jones and the Three Investigators

3 years 8 months ago

I have been a fan of The Three Investigators book series since I was very young. As a youngster in Glendale, Arizona, I would often walk several blocks to visit the downtown Velma Teague Library, often staying for hours. My appetite for books was as healthy then as it is today, and I was particularly interested in the book series about a junior detective firm in Rocky Beach, California - one headed by Jupiter Jones and calling itself The Three Investigators.

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Photo of Klingon ship model framework
Photo of Klingon ship model detail
Photo of Klingon ship model in studio
Photo of author with Klingon ship model

Klingon Warship model - 8 foot wingspan

4 years 4 months ago

This project, though unfinished, was a lot of fun. Remember, I was young at the time, full of energy and fresh new ideas. I was always jumping from one project to another, sometimes leaving one unfinished to move onto the next. I was also scrambling to make a living and create a family. In the case of this model project, my wife at the time was pregnant and we moved from Texas to Washington State. I was able to move the model but had no where to store it on arrival, so the unfinished model was disassembled and parts of it repurposed in other projects.

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YOLO - You Only Live Online Meme

YOLO - You only live online

4 years 4 months ago

I got an email with this photo attached from my youngest daughter some time ago. The email read: "DAD! Is this YOU!!"

What was I to do, lie? Or tell her that yes, it was me, and have her live the rest of her life with that stigma, that image of her dad following her around the Internet for all the world to see?

Fortunately, she took it very well. And yes, that is me - yours truly, Jim W. Coleman. And I will tell you the story.

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