Use this form to participate in the "Let me Draw You!" promotion. Enter as many times as you wish. Be sure to read the contest limitations and exclusions below. Good luck!

I will need a way to contact you if you win. Text number, email address, etc.

Maximum 3 files.
8 MB limit.
Allowed types: gif jpg png.

Upload your high-resolution images here. Image size must be larger than 600x600 pixels. Eight megabyte size limit. If your image is too large to submit here, you can send it to me via Messenger or email.
Send good quality images that are clear and sharp. Fuzzy, dark or blurry images are not good as details have to be guessed and may not be accurate in the finished product.

There is an image size restriction of 8 megabytes using this form. If your images are too large, feel free to messenger them to me instead of using this form.

Click the checkbox to signify that you have read and understand the contest  rules, and that you have a valid U.S. shipping address.
Contest is open to residents with a United States shipping address. 

I will select one entry from all those submitted. I will make the selection based on what I feel will make a unique art presentation (subject, contrast, setting, mood, tone - it could be anything). 

I reserve the right to add to the artwork any elements or themes of my choice. (For instance, if I decide to put in an ocean backdrop or to add/remove features, etc.)

On completion, the artwork will be shipped to you via USPS. It will be shipped with delivery confirmation. If something out of my control  prevents it from reaching you, I am under no obligation to replace the artwork or compensate you in any way.

The artwork original will be draw on illustration board and will be shipped unframed. I will retain a copy and reserve the right to post it to my website or to promote future work.