Frequently asked ...

Q: Can I get you to draw something for me?
A: Yes, I do take on custom work from time to time. There is information on my commissioning page.

Q: When it comes to my artwork, who were my big influences or mentors?
A: I am a self-taught artist, having never taken a single art class in my life. There are artists who inspired me along the way and their work has heavily influenced mine in places. To start, my all-time favorite artist is Gerald Scarfe. I first learned of him when seeing "Pink Floyd - The Wall" in the theaters when I was young. His work in that movie was captivating and motivated me to discover more of his work and to learn more about him. In addition, my late uncle Daniel Field Schmidt was an enormous influence when I, as a youngster, would go visit his latest art exhibit at the local library or wherever it happened to be. Back then, I doodled in notepads and drew pictures to impress the girls at school. Dan inspired me to be more open with my work and to graduate from drawing pictures to composing art. My work has matured and I can only hope that the ladies are still impressed.

Q: Why do you sign your work 'Cherokee?'
A: That's a long story. Read about it here.

Q: How does a kid from Arizona become such a die-hard Buffalo Bills fan?
A: When growing up in Phoenix back in the day, we didn't have an NFL team, so we all had to "adopt" favorite teams. Most chose the Cowboys or Steelers ... no imagination in our youth. I didn't have  a favorite, but I had some I DIDN'T like: Dallas, St. Louis Cardinals, etc. When the Cardinals came to Phoenix, I didn't drink the KoolAid and still didn't have a favorite team. I was partial to the LA Rams and KC Chiefs because of their consistent play year after year. A friend from Rochester, NY, Cliff Connaroe, said to me once: "You need to pay attention to Jim Kelly and the Houston Gamblers. He's really going to be a force to be reckoned with with that run and shoot offense!"  And that's how it started. From the Gamblers to the Bills, I followed Kelly right into the infamous Kelly/Thomas/Reed/Smith era ... and beyond. I loved those days - some of the best football I've ever seen. I've stuck with the team as a reminder to myself and others how great that quartet was and for hope for the future. I saw Jim Kelly and Thurman Thomas close up here in Seattle once. I have a rather large collection of Bills apparel and other merchandise. In 2018, I went to Buffalo for the first time, watched them win over the Titans and had the time of my life! I have always been loyal to my convictions and passions, so I am a Bills fan forever.