Commission custom artwork

What does it mean to commission artwork? In simple terms, it basically means you hire me to produce a piece of artwork for you.

I am hired most often to produce portraits of loved ones who have passed or family members who are still alive, but I can also memorialize a favorite singer, actor, friend, etc. Most recently, I've been commissioned to draw a baby!  My work is produced on the finest materials, using India inks that will never fade and will stand the test of time. Framed artwork will, in optimal conditions, still be around long after we all are gone and will look just as amazing then as when it was first created. It's a perfect gift and a unique, personal way to memorialize or acknowledge a person, place or thing.

I specialize in portraits, figure studies (nudes/non-nudes), erotic themes, science fiction, Egyptian, Indian and fantasy art. I typically avoid drawing animals, caricatures and cartoons, but I do make exceptions. Feel free to open a dialogue with me about your ideas and we'll go from there.

Photo of side by side comparisons of art with original subject matter

How it works:
Commissioning a custom art piece is simple. You provide a model, or several good, high-resolution photos of the subject. From there, I will evaluate your proposal and let you know if it's something I can do. Then, I work up a sketch for your approval and then I proceed to start the final product.

One half of the agreed-upon payment is due up front* as I start to work up the proposal and the initial sketch for your approval. When the final art piece is ready for delivery, the remaining half is due. I often build shipping into my price but for larger works, that will incur additional costs, some which may not be known until the piece is packaged and ready. Generally, though, it's covered in my fee.

How much does it cost?
That depends on the size and complexity. My work is generally very detailed and large pieces can take between 80 and 100 hours to complete! But most commissioned work is not that complex ... smaller works may be only $200 - $300 or less while larger, more elaborate pieces can cost substantially more. $400 is about the average for a medium-sized piece. But when you consider that these are hand-drawn and, with proper care, can be passed along from one generation to the next and on down the line, it becomes a worthy investment. I'm also open to barter.

How accurate are my reproductions?
It's a fact that no two people see a person or object the same way. And we, as individuals, are more likely to say something doesn't look like us when, in fact, it does. There are examples of my work on this page and all over this website, so you can be the judge of that. 

When starting your project, I always provide you with a rough sketch so you can judge the likeness before it gets inked. If it's not quite right, I can rework it. If it just never gets there, it's not like we didn't try. I can think of only two cases where I was unable to accurately capture a person's face to canvas and I've been doing this for a long, long time. I am my own harshest critic, so even when everyone else seems to like something I'm working up, I sometimes don't and will rework it and rework it until I'm satisfied that it's the best work I am capable of doing. That what I will always deliver to you.

Examples of some recently commissioned work:
Maya Hawke from "Stranger Things"
Margot Robbie
Crystal Reed
2017 GT350 Shelby Mustang

* A deposit of one half of the agreed-upon artwork price is due before work begins. I work up a sketch for your approval before proceeding. $100 of the deposit is non-refundable as it covers my time and materials to work up the sketch. If we can't agree on the sketch or direction, any deposit amount over $100 is gladly refunded and we go our own ways. Otherwise, the work proceeds and everyone is happy. Which has happened 100 percent of the time. :)