The Starship model builder

Photo of the starship USS Cameron under construction

In a previous blog post, I wrote about how I created scale models for a living early in my career. I did it for a living for two reasons: One, I've always enjoyed building scale models ; and two, because I was paid well to do it.

My inspiration were always the wonderful spaceship models I saw on television and at the movie theater. This was back before CGI, and the models used in Star Trek and in Star Wars fascinated me to no end. To keep my skills sharp, I often designed and built large models - some of them on an impressive scale.

The photo you see is the start of a model I designed from scratch. Named the "USS Cameron," this starship measured nearly seven feet in length. It had three engine nacelles and was constructed primarily out of balsa. Here, you can see the large primary hull (view is from the top) and the start of the connected central engine nacelle. You can also see the blueprints I created and used during construction. Sadly, this model was never completed due to a divorce and the relocation that involved. Lately, I have been considering rebuilding this model to scale. Here are some photos of some other early efforts:


Photo of Klingon ship
Photo of a very early effort. This was a simple balsa construction of an alternate Bird of Prey design.


Photo of Bird of Prey under construction
This is a photo of the early Bird of Prey design under construction. I was young and poor and didn't have the facilities I have now to build these models... :)
Photo of balsa detail
Here is a close-up photo of the balsa detail on the Bird of Prey model.