The NX-01 Starship Enterprise scale model

Photo of NX-01 Enterprise scale model by
Photo of primary hull of NX-01 Enterprise
Photo of NX-01 Enterprise scale model under construction

Recently, I completed work on a 1/350 scale model of the NX-01 Starship Enterprise model seen in the Star Trek series "Enterprise." 

This was a fun model to build - even though I didn't start it from scratch. The model kit was given to me by a friend, Sara, who had already built the engine nacelles and had done some paint work on the underside of the primary hull. 

After receiving the kit, I let it sit up on a shelf for several years before pulling it down one day to inventory the parts. It looked like all the pieces were there, so I set out on the build! Having done extensive scale model work in my life on a personal and a professional level, I had all the tools of the trade already, so all it required was a bit of research on the original model specifications.

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As is typical of me, I found some things that I would have done differently had I built the studio model, so I incorporated some of those changes on this model - mainly with paint and detailing.

When the model was finished, I hung it from my studio ceiling and took some photos. 

Being an amateur astronomer as well, I have hundreds of images I've acquired through numerous telescopes in my collection. I decided to merge the NX-01 photo with a photo of the Dumbell Nebula that I photographed using a Canon 60D and a Meade LX200 telescope. The result is what you see in the slide show above!

My only regret is that I did not adequately light the model, but as the nacelles had already been completed, it didn't make sense to light only a part of the model and to let the engines sit dark. I'm hoping to eventually acquire another NX-01 kit and build it properly.

The kit is easy to assemble, with very detailed and easily understood instructions. The instructions also are updated to reflect changes since the original release of the kit.

Most all the pieces fit together very well with little-to-no warpage or misconfiguration. Impressive, for a model kit of this age.

The decals were almost worthless - very brittle with age. Anyone acquiring this kit would be well served to apply the decals with utmost care. I decided to skip applying most of the details.

The engine nacelles were close to parallel, but not quite exact. I could have taken more care to align them had I known they wouldn't sit parallel right out of the box - so others building this kit should be advised.