Monsters among us ...

Photo of Level Heads book promo

Excerpts from Level Heads XE, by Jim W. Coleman :


I have said--over and over again, mind you--that you can't make this kind of stuff up, because life will always sneak up on you with something far more ghoulish than anything you could ever come up with on your own. I have also warned--repeatedly--that there are monsters in our midst. Is anyone paying attention? We're what--how many pages into this by now?--and I'm getting a feeling that no one is listening. There really are monsters under the bed or hiding in the closet. Never--not even for the briefest of moments--forget that. I would start checking if I were you.

This story was written after I heard a news report about a man who hung out in parks to pick up--and then dismember--young girls. The television news crew interviewed a number of people who had seen the man in the park. Without exception, they all commented on how nice and normal he appeared.

A central theme to a large majority of my writing is abuse--physical, emotional, sexual and mental. A secondary theme is that in many of the most horrific cases of murder and abuse, the perpetrator often is the guy who drives the Sunday School bus each weekend, or the quiet boy who bags groceries at the supermarket or the person you count as a trusted family friend.

And sometimes, the criminal is a previous offender who was reintegrated into society after having completed some sort of rehabilitation program while incarcerated. In our modern day of political correctness, blind acceptance and enablement, those who might seek to harm our young children often move unfettered throughout our great cities and our seemingly-secure rural towns.

To them, I give no quarter.