'Let me Draw You' promotion is open!

Photo of artist at work

I have just completed one complex pen-and-ink original and I'm halfway through another. At this point, I'm not sure what I'll do next ... 

I have decided to start a new promotion called "Let me Draw You!" This will not only give me some new, fresh ideas, it will also be fun, and will help promote my website and my art work.

The idea is simple. You send me a photo. At the end of the contest (July 30, 2018) I evaluate all the submissions and pick one that I think would be challenging and would make a good piece of art. I draw it and ship you the original. It's yours to keep and it costs you nothing. There are some limitations and exclusions, of course; those are available on the contest entry form.

I enjoy doing commissioned work, and this helps keep my pencil sharp as I'm always working with unfamiliar forms and faces. You can also look at my online art gallery to see what kind of work I typically do. 

The winner will be picked SOLELY on the photo provided and how it might lend itself to an idea, expression or artistic inspiration. The winner is NOT picked by how long I've known you, whether or not we're related, if we went to school together or any other personal reason. The winner could as easily be someone I've never met as it could be someone I see often. 

Finally, 'Let me Draw You' means just that ... you! If you want your pet, favorite actor, car or best friend drawn, you can commission a piece. This is about you. In some cases, I may consider drawing your spouse or child, etc. if you make a good enough case for it. Please do not submit pictures of your cat or pet moose.

So let's have some fun with this!

Click here for the official entry form!