Klingon Warship model - 8 foot wingspan

Photo of Klingon ship model framework
Photo of Klingon ship model detail
Photo of Klingon ship model in studio
Photo of author with Klingon ship model

This project, though unfinished, was a lot of fun. Remember, I was young at the time, full of energy and fresh new ideas. I was always jumping from one project to another, sometimes leaving one unfinished to move onto the next. I was also scrambling to make a living and create a family. In the case of this model project, my wife at the time was pregnant and we moved from Texas to Washington State. I was able to move the model but had no where to store it on arrival, so the unfinished model was disassembled and parts of it repurposed in other projects.

But as you can see in the photos, this was a monstrous project. It had an aluminum and copper framework (bits of piping, etc. that I could scrounge up and fasten together) so that the model could be supported with only a pipe through the nose, or it could be suspended or mounted on the center of gravity (which was always changing as the model was being built, so it was estimated).

The armor, or skin of the model was constructed of foam-core board with armaments and details attached that were simple items I was able to find around the house, in thrift stores, etc. Cut pieces of drinking straws, pop tops from beer cans, empty film cannisters, cassette tape cases, pieces from store-bought scale models, etc.

The model was also wired. The entire backside had a curved piece of plexiglass that lit up like the rear end of the Millenium Falcon.  Yes, this model was a thing of beauty. I built her hoping to do a lot of photography and some film work but it was never meant to  be. Eventually, I ran out of space. And had a baby. And got a real job ...

Sigh. Remember, always be a dreamer. Chase your dreams. Do things. Build stuff. For before you know it, you'll be old and responsible, and there will be no room in your life for some of those dreams. But if you're lucky some of the pictures will survive. As these did.