'Depressolation' - featuring Charlotte Gainsbourg

Photo of Charlotte Gainsbourg artwork

I'm several weeks into my Charlotte Gainsbourg piece ... this one, in particular, is intense ... made all the more so when I watch any one of the Lars Von Trier movies while working on it. My intention is to capture some of the thematic elements of the movies - with pieces and parts from all three but, at the same time, capture the beauty of the actress and the fragility of the character throughout. 

I ordered the frame yesterday. It is being custom made from reclaimed rustic barnwood. I will likely hammer in some cut pieces of barbed wire into the wood once it arrives. It will be framed with UV-resistant, gallery-quality plexiglass to ward off damage from natural light over the years.

Here's a sneak peek at the progress thus far ... stay tuned. Meanwhile, back to the story she's telling, the part where she says: "I'm going to tell you a few stories. All you have to do is listen."

UPDATE (06/07/18): Tentatively titled "Depressolation" (based on the unofficially titled "Depression Trilogy" - a series of three movies by Danish auteur Lars von Trier), this art piece has taken on a life of its own - defying the tone I had originally set out to portray and taking me in new directions. The actress, Charlotte Gainsbourg (who is the subject in this drawing), has been quoted as saying that "....the sex wasn't hard. The masochistic scenes were embarrassing." With that in mind, I've toned down those elements but have struggled with how to convey certain darker themes in ways less blatant. A new direction has emerged and with it, a tone shift that, together, will render the final product differently than I had first imagined it.

Overall, I'm becoming for comfortable with the changes and eager to start penning some of them in the coming weekend.

A footnote: because of the domestic violence in my own past, some of the themes in this piece are difficult  for me to develop as they must be dwelt on and often mined or repackaged as they make the transition to canvas. Often, I find myself walking away from it and working on another piece - which still is under wraps ... 

UPDATE (06/15/18) ... just wait until you see this ... some pretty powerful stuff here ...