2018 "Let me Draw You" contest winner!

Drawing of Charity by Jim W Coleman

This year, while in between projects, I decided to open a contest where people - anyone - could enter to have a free portrait drawn of them. I thought it would be a good exercise on my part and better publicity than I would get buying Facebook (or other) advertisements. That turned out to be right on all counts.

Photo of Charity B

Of all the images entered, I chose one submitted by Charity B. I chose it because it was unique, eye-catching and challenging. Being one who can draw faces in his sleep, I wasn't sure how I would manage the contorted expression. To date, I've only drawn 'normal faces.' When Charity entered her sassy face into the mix, I knew immediately that I had met my challenge.

I am hoping to do this again in 2019, so keep an eye on this site toward mid-to-late summer for the announcement. 

Enjoy your artwork, Charity!