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Jim W. Coleman

This is the official web site of Jim W. Coleman, an accomplished artist and writer who resides in Port Orchard, Washington.

He dabbles in writing, gardening, astrophotography, art, scale-model building and so much more.

Coleman started his art career while in high school, producing hundreds of commercial and Arizona-tourism t-shirt prints under the pseudonym "Cherokee" - which he still uses today. In the beginning, he worked for Tom Ainley and Tom/Jerry Thunstedt in the silk-screen industry (Glendale/Phoenix) before setting out on his own path. Through the years, Cherokee Art expanded to include gallery and exhibition artwork. To date, Coleman has exhibited in dozens of local and regional art shows, in intimate small-town exhibits (his favorite!) and many other venues. Many of his originals are available as signed, numbered reprints.

His four published novels are available on or this website. He has two additional novels in the works.

You can learn more by reading his blog, browsing this web site or by reading his books.

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