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Jim W. Coleman is an author, artist, applications developer, gardener, home-canner, astrophotographer and all-around over-achiever who lives in Port Orchard, Washington, and never seems to have enough hours in any given day. Here, you can follow along, share in or benefit from some of his passions.
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Jim W. Coleman's fourth book, a collection of short stories, has been released in an expanded format, with beautiful typography and additional stories!

Originally published in 2004, this new "Deluxe Edition" (273 pages) comes with brand new stories, new updated Author's Notes and is bound in a larger, easier-to-read size.

The new book, published as a 6x9 inch paperback, is a great gift for your loved one who loves to read.

The question I hear the most is this: "Where is the world do you come up with this stuff?"

This book, "Level Heads XE: The Deluxe Edition," is my answer to that question. Following each story, you will find a page or three of information about the story: where the original idea came from, how the story was developed, and more. The comments are written to benefit those who strive to develop writing projects on their own, and provide valuable information to those who struggle with creative concepts, sustainability or writer's block. All that for no additional charge. Again, I encourge you to put this on your Kindle reader today!

XE, as I call it, is a perfect entry into my writing for those who have not yet read a Jim W. Coleman book. Basically, it's a collection of short stories written over the last 20 years. Some are very humorous, some are a bit scary, some are creepy and some might just make your toes curl. But one thing they all have in common are their endings - unpredictable and on-the-edge.

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Other novels by Jim W. Coleman:
Glass - (Crime, suspense - set in Cordes Lakes/Phoenix, Arizona)
Secret Things - (Sci-fi, suspense - set on the Olympic Peninsula, Washington)
Omens - (Suspense, heavy paranormal - set in Safford, Arizona)

The monsters are real!
My books are fiction but some of them are based more on fact than fiction - they are just carefully wrapped in protective envelopes of false names and different circumstances to keep the lawyers at bay. But central to the themes in my books is domestic violence and sexual abuse.

Because this one - this one - hits way too close to home. I attended this man's church, experienced his twisted indoctrination and still, to this day, counsel others at times who were damaged by this horrific man.

Rev. James Anthony Colyn, 39, former pastor of the Glendale (Az.) Bible Baptist Church, received a sentence of seven and a half years in prison. Colyn was described by police as a "sexual predator" who molested a teenage girl who asked him for counseling because she was being abused by her stepfather. Colyn PLEADED GUILTY to a charge of attempted molestation as a plea bargain. He moved to Phoenix 12 years ago after resigning as youth pastor of Temple Baptist Church in Albuquerque, N.M. after admitting sexual involvement with a teenage member of that congregation. The Glendale church said they were not aware of that when Colyn was hired. (Phoenix Gazette 7/1/88)

Completed in nine days of sketching and inking (begun the day after my 38th birthday), this print depicts the fascinating contours of a friend's face. I use the word "depicts" as this was a print I did to present to her, in exchange for her modelling. Future prints of her will "explore" her contours. Hers is a very engaging face, full of promise against any background context.

Interestingly e...
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What would you do if your heat pump started talking to you? Ralph Monske did the wrong thing ...

In any challenge or pursuit, one must keep a level head. This is a story of one who did not ...
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